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“Years later I am still following Dr Davis’s program and I am still symptom free, whenever I come across anyone with any medical condition I always direct them to Dr Davis, because his program truly saved my life and I know how many more people he can help. ” – Emily Sandler




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If you are seeking a more natural approach to reclaim health, you have come to the right place! We provide holistic health and wellness care in addition to health programs to reverse chronic symptoms. We are licensed by the PMA.
About Dr Davis & His Team

Who are the people behind decades of healing and thousands of satisfied patients. The story is incredible and the patients range from Jason Kidd to Lorraine Bracco to any person in need. Learn the story about who you will be working with. 

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The Fertility Formula

We Help Women get Pregnant Naturally, Have a Healthy Pregnancy and Be a Happy Mom…. without relying on IVF attempts to conceive.

The only program that walks you exactly through what you need to do to address all your fertility factors so you can become pregnant naturally.

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Our Services & Conditions

Do you already know which condition you are seeking help for? We focus on an incredible amount of services & conditions that we have consistent success with Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Hypothyroidism, to Depression and many more. 

Not Sure Where to Start?

Learn how Davis Advanced Health System can help you achieve your wellness goals but first we need to figure out exactly where you are in your journey. Use our “Start Here” page to find exactly what you need now. 

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Hear From Our Patients

Success with Dr Ken Davis’ Advanced Health System


Years later I am still following Dr Davis's program and I am still symptom free, whenever I come across anyone with any medical condition I always direct them to Dr Davis, because his program truly saved my life and I know how many more people he can help.

Emily SandlerTruly Saved My Life

I would highly recommend a visit to both of these amazing people, its incredible what you can learn about yourself and how there is another path than just standard medications that could only cause more side effects. It is truly a freeing experience.

Suzanne GMy Primary Told Me There Was No Hope

Dr. Ken Davis has earned the name “Super D” after 20 years of healing my body and soul. This has been an unbelievable way to start the age of 60.

Lorraine BraccoSuper Dr Ken Davis

His ability to connect every dot on the human body from a physical, functional, biochemical, energetic and nutritional standpoint is nothing short of genius. Not only did he eradicate my lower back issues, he also healed my intense esophageal reflux and countless other issues that arose throughout the years. His integrative system of medicine is fascinating and extremely effective. It has profoundly changed the quality of my life on many levels.”

Rea MartinA Profound Effect on the Quality of Life

Do You Want to Know Your Life’s Purpose?

Climbing Mountains : Journey with a Mystic and a Healer

Part guidebook for spiritual growth and part inspiring memoir, Climbing Mountains leads the reader on a journey of self-discovery. Dr. Ken Davis and his wife, Lisa Davis, in their unique partnership of a healer and a mystic, have traveled around the world studying religious and healing practices both ancient and modern.

The Davises have dedicated their lives to developing new treatment methods and teaching them to others. We invite you to order this book to share our experience and have a greater sense of who we are and who you are.

My goodness, this little book is just filled to capacity with all the ways we can and we need to take care of not only our Body and Mind, but most importantly,take care of our Soul. It truly is Food for our Soul and in turn teaches us how to balance Soul, Mind and Body. - On Dr Ken Davis's book "Climbing Mountains"

Patricia G5 Star Amazon Review

This understated little book tells the story of two spiritual masters who have committed themselves to helping others navigate the confusing world of energetic healing and spiritual growth. We are accustomed to masters of this calibre showing up in India or Tibet as hermit monks deriving from a long and ancient pedigree.

Rea Martin5 Star Amazon Review

Every page of this book offers practical and inspiring advice for a more peaceful and authentic life. It is easy to pick up and read in small segments and walk away with a helpful, lasting tool. The authors seem to know what we are wrestling with, what are our roadblocks, and how we might start to rise above them.

Sally Z. 5 Star Amazon Review

If you read this concise and beautifully written little book, and then, faithfully follow the well-explained directions, you may be able to give up your anti-anxiety drugs, and possibly, even your therapist. The authors are filled with gentle wisdom.

Mary J. 5 Star Amazon Review
July 30, 2016


The Hormone Dance Your endocrine system is a powerful, complex network of glands that work…
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