About Dr Ken Davis

Father, Healthcare Pioneer, Alpaca Farmer, Equine Chiropractor: Dr. Ken Davis’s love for Life & People

A renaissance man of the truest form. From raising alpacas, to pioneering a breakthrough Energy Healing System, “Natural Force Healing” helping thousands of people over the past 40 years. Dr. Ken Davis has lived an amazing life.

I have lived an amazing life! And in part that is due to my thirst to learn all that I could to help my fellow man.  If there was one patient I could not help or find the answer to, I traveled throughout the world to find the missing puzzle piece to their condition or health challenges.   Trips to Peru, India, The Canary Islands, Nepal, Japan, Portugal, The Azores, England, Egypt, Israel, and other Sacred Sites led me to study the various religions and healing practices in different cultures, ancient and modern, that I was able to capture and learn and implement into my practice.
I have dedicated myself to being the best I could and promising myself to uphold what I had learned from my teacher and mentor, Dr. M.L. Rees of Sedan, Kansas:  To make your Mission and Purpose to “Help Uplift Always, Suffering Humanity”.
In addition to the trips throughout the world, I studied and practiced Advanced Chiropractic Techniques, becoming certified in several of them which I have taught to students and doctors for the last four decades. I studied homeopathy, acupuncture, became a Cultivator in Taoist Chinese Herbology, Clinical Nutritionist, Sports Physician, Equine Chiropractor…. and my 40 year journey and practice into “Etheric Modification Therapy” better known as Harmonics that led myself and wife Lisa Davis to develop Natural Force Healing, Transformation of Consciousness for our evolution which we have been teaching worldwide for the last 25 years….
The Davis Advanced Health System is a culmination of all of this learning and incredible experiences that we believe provides a system, unmatched by others, in helping you to achieve a state of optimal well being within Body, Mind and Spirit.


Dr Ken and his wife, Lisa Davis 

Lisa Davis and Dr. Ken, began working together in 1977 by studying healing practices of ancient and modern cultures, traveling the world and discovering truths about themselves by looking within for many answers.

During these adventures Lisa and Dr. Ken  made it their life goal to help as many people as possible through understanding the root cause of the their patient’s symptoms.  They have been thinking this way for the past 40 years before organic and wellness were buzzwords.

A Modern Day Mystic, Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Life Coach & Inventor: Lisa Davis and Her Special Gifts

A true modern day mystic, gifted since early childhood with the miraculous ability to accurately assess the physical, mental & spiritual ills of an individual.


Who Dr Ken Davis has Worked With

Dr Ken has worked with world class athletes and top professionals ranging from Michael Strahan, Jason Kidd, Olympic Horse Rhythmical (2000 Summer Olympic Equestrian Show Jumping), Lorrainne Bracco (Actress “Goodfellas”) and many others along his and Lisa’s journey.

From the age of 4, Dr. Ken and Lisa’s son Austin, began his training in Equestrian Show Jumping. His skills developed immensely, competing throughout the United States.During Austin’s years riding, Dr. Ken worked on both Equestrian Riders and Horses, including the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, Equestrian team rider, Nona Garson and Olympic Horse Rhythmical.

Special Note : Dr Ken has a page dedicated to him in Bobbi Brown’s New York Times Bestseller “Living Beauty”, where Bobbi discusses her incredible experience consulting with Dr Ken for the first time, his explanation of the “Triune of Well-Being” and crucial tips to help her focus inward and heal herself.

Dr Ken Davis | Jason Kidd

Published Works by Dr Ken

Climbing Mountains : Journey with a Mystic and a Healer

Part guidebook for spiritual growth and part inspiring memoir, Climbing Mountains leads the reader on a journey of self-discovery. Dr. Ken Davis and his wife, Lisa Davis, in their unique partnership of a healer and a mystic, have traveled around the world studying religious and healing practices both ancient and modern.

The Davises have dedicated their lives to developing new treatment methods and teaching them to others. We invite you to order this book to share our experience and have a greater sense of who we are and who you are.

Creating Health: Body, Mind, & Spirit   

Archived Podcasts of over a hundred radio shows. Dr. Davis shares information on health, healing and spirituality. Visit the archives HERE 

Amazon Book Reviews

5 Star Reviews for Dr Ken Davis’s “Climbing Mountains”

My goodness, this little book is just filled to capacity with all the ways we can and we need to take care of not only our Body and Mind, but most importantly,take care of our Soul. It truly is Food for our Soul and in turn teaches us how to balance Soul, Mind and Body. - On Dr Ken Davis's book "Climbing Mountains"

Patricia G5 Star Amazon Review

This understated little book tells the story of two spiritual masters who have committed themselves to helping others navigate the confusing world of energetic healing and spiritual growth. We are accustomed to masters of this calibre showing up in India or Tibet as hermit monks deriving from a long and ancient pedigree.

Rea Martin5 Star Amazon Review

Every page of this book offers practical and inspiring advice for a more peaceful and authentic life. It is easy to pick up and read in small segments and walk away with a helpful, lasting tool. The authors seem to know what we are wrestling with, what are our roadblocks, and how we might start to rise above them.

Sally Z. 5 Star Amazon Review

If you read this concise and beautifully written little book, and then, faithfully follow the well-explained directions, you may be able to give up your anti-anxiety drugs, and possibly, even your therapist. The authors are filled with gentle wisdom.

Mary J. 5 Star Amazon Review

Feeding the Spirit: Making Sure You Step Back and Enjoy Life

Dr Ken is a man who lives truly in this moment, embracing life, its challenges, and living without worry. Although he works to the bone for all of his patients, he teaches that its important to practice activities that feed the spirit.

Below a picture was taken of Dr Ken playing at one of his live shows. He plays a mean organ and enjoys getting together with other musicians whenever he can.

About Kristin Donchez

Kristin Donchez, MPT  is formally trained in Biochemistry, Endocrinology and Nutrition with a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy. Her extensive knowledge and passion for women’s health has guided her in helping women reclaim their physical and hormonal health, so they can live their best, healthiest lives. She has worked with Dr Davis for over 10 years treating thousands of women. She has assisted Dr. Davis training other health practitioners.

About  ALLY LASH, M.S., R.D.E.



Ally Lash is a Clinical Dietitian living in Demarest, New Jersey with her husband Steven and 3 children Sydney, Zoe” and Noah and their dog Lacey.  She received her M.S. from New York University in accreditation with The Mount Sinai School of Medicine. After graduation, she worked at Mount Sinai Medical Center as a critical care nutritionist in various units of Mount Sinai including the Medical Intensive Care, Geriatric care, Oncology & AIDS and Cardiology & Psychology units.  Ally also participated in various out- patient clinics, including Diabetes Education and Early Pregnancy Wellness.  In addition to taking care of patients, Ally did a work/study experience rotation at St. Lukes Roosevelt Hospital’s Van Itallie Center for Clinical Obesity. There she oversaw patients struggling with morbid obesity who were participating in a study promoting weight loss on a VLCD (very low calorie diet). Ally fought her own personal and successful battle with cancer after the birth of her twins in 2002. She currently provides private supermarket tours, personalized menu planning, ideas for developing new healthy habits, resources to help you succeed, tips and tricks for dining out, and refrigerator and pantry makeovers.  Ally can help identify the triggers that get you off track and give you support. She is anxious to help sort out the misinformation and confusion regarding healthy eating and teach people the simple basics of proper nutrition.

About Matt Natale

Matt is an Integrative Fitness, Nutrition and Stress Awareness Practitioner. He has been a leader in his field since 1980 and has dedicated his life to helping and teaching people to feel their very best.  Matt’s health and life’s philosophy is that in order to reach your highest potential you must commit to cultivating a synergy between mind, body and spirit.  Matt has a bachelors degree in Exercise Science as well as holding certifications in Holistic Nutrition, Integrative Health Coaching, Personal Training, Massage Therapy, Therapeutic Acupressure, Stress Awareness Facilitation and Meditation.  Matt served as a fitness contributor to Academy Award nominated actress Lorraine Bracco’s book “To The Fullest “.   He was also a featured personal trainer in two episodes of The Biggest Loser Season 6.  Matt has an exclusive private practice located in northern New Jersey working with people from ages 9 – 90.