Since your first visit to Davis AHS, we have spoken about the balance necessary between body, mind and spirit.  We are physical beings. We have structure, organs, and the biochemistry that enables us to move through our lives. We have a mind, the part of us which thinks, reasons and expresses sentiments and emotions.  And we have a life force, which we call many names including Spirit, Chi, Prana, or innate, that powers the other two sides of us.  When this life force is gone, what is left is a corpse.

The Triune of Well Being, represented by an equilateral triangle, demonstrates the balance necessary for Well Being to flourish.  Just like a triangle, if one angle of the Triune shifts it causes distortion in the other angles.  This is why we take an unorthodox approach to wellness.  While we care about your symptoms are, we do not treat from that perspective.  We look for the underlying cause or distortion in the Triune of Well Being, and work from there.

We live in a physical world, and it is here most attention is placed.  We are very conscious of how our bodies feel physically; aches, pains fatigue, digestive complaints, etc. However, over 80 years of clinical data collected by Dr. Davis and his mentor, Dr. Rees show that only 1% of all distortions arise from the physical angle.  Also, we are often very cognizant of our minds.  We tend to pay attention to how we are feeling emotionally and where the mind dwells, often in reaction to the past or worrying about the future. Here, the data has shown the mind contributes 9% of the disruptions within the Triune.  Less often is this attention turned inward. It is very easy to get caught up in the bustle of the world. Many don’t spend the time to reconnect to their spirit on a daily basis, to listen to that quiet voice which is trying to guide us, or to do the things that bring us joy.  Yet, 90% of all disruption arise from this angle. Is this really  any wonder considering the lack of attention that it is paid?

Most of us realize the importance of feeding our body healthy food, we take supplements and exercise.   If 90% of humans’ ills are the caused by a disruption in the Spirit angle, is time to start paying equal attention to it’s needs.

Soul Food

Art                                                  Being in Nature                                          Dance                                                   Exercise

Fun                                                Giving Back/volunteering                      Journaling                                         Laughter

Massage                                      Meditation                                                    Music                                                    Poetry

Pleasure                                      Prayer                                                             Proper use of Language               Reading

Spiritual Retreat                    Self Healing Techniques                          Self Expression                                  Singing

Swimming                                 Tai Chi/ Chi Kung                                      Theater/Museums                            Travel/Exploration

Verbalization                            Yoga 

Start feeding your Spirit, NOW.










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