ENAT- Energetic Nutrition Assesment Technique

Energetic Nutrition Assessment Technique

ARE YOU CONFUSED ABOUT WHICH NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS, DIETARY NEEDS, OR FOODS YOU SHOULD OR SHOULD NOT BE HAVING? Don’t worry, you are not alone!! You know, every day in my office, patients ask me about the benefits of various supplements they hear about on the Dr. Oz show, or read in prevention magazine, or on the radio, newspaper, etc. They go to Whole Foods, the Vitamin Shop, GNC, etc but come out more confused than when they went in having spent hundreds of dollars on nutritional supplements when they are not sure they are the right ones for them! How does one know?

For the past thirty seven years, I have explored, researched and developed many different approaches that could read the body’s language, the blueprint or roadmap that the body intricately simple and simply intricate reveals in telling us what we need or don’t need in regards to every aspect of our wellbeing, especially when it comes to nutrition.

Energetic Nutritional Assessment Technique has been born…. Utilizing a sequential flow of assessment points and reflexes that Chiropractors have utilized and studied over the years as well as Lisa and myself developing never before seen points and reflexes. ENAT looks specifically at determining a person’s nutritional status by prioritizing the Five Foundational Pillars of Nutrition and Body System Imbalances.

  1.  Proper Hydration
  2.  Blood Sugar Regulation
  3.  Fatty Acid Metabolism
  4.  Digestion
  5.  Tissue/Mineral Assessment

Without these being in balance, one’s optimal nutritional and biochemical balance is in jeopardy.

Energetic Nutritional Assessment Technique goes on to evaluate Cardiovascular, Immune/Allergy Problems, Endocrine and Hormonal Imbalances, Genetic Mutations, and much more. It is a highly individualized system that can specifically pinpoint the nutritional, dietary, biochemical and lifestyle needs of all…. It removes the guess work of what is needed or not!!