Visceral Manipulation and TS Line Assessment

Understanding Temporal Sphenoidal Diagnosis
Temporal Sphenoidal Diagnosis is a technique for rapidly assessing spinal, organ, and soft-tissue disruptions. The technique uses a series of “points” along a perceived ring that follows the Temporal and Sphenoidal Plates on the skull. According to Dr. Rees, each T. S. Point emits a stream of electromagnetic energy to “Vital Organ Entrance Points at specific locations in the soft tissue of the body.” Palpatory sensitivity along the T. S. Line indicates a disruption in a Vital Organ and its related spinal level.

Temporal Sphenoidal Assessment
Temporal Sphenoidal Diagnosis offers rapid assessment of the health of the body using the network of relationships that Dr. Rees mapped and documented. Thus within minutes, the practitioner knows which T.S. Point, Spinal Level Major and Vital Organ/Gland is the primary one involved.

Temporal Sphenoidal Correction and Support
Temporal Sphenoidal Diagnosis and other assessment procedures allow the practitioner to determine the need to perform visceral manipulation which restores vital motion to soft tissue and vital organs in the body.

T.S. Diagnosis affords the practitioner the assessment tools to know when specific nutritional support is needed.

Lastly, T.S. Diagnosis assesses the need for Alpha Wave Enhancement Technique, which “shunts,” healing Alpha brain waves between the brain and the organs in distress.