Three Levels of Functional Medicine

Root Causes

Emotional Stress

Dietary Stress





Body System Dysfunction

Hormone System

Digestive System

Liver/Detox System




Gut Issues

Female Hormone Imbalance

Weight Gain


The Three Body Systems 

Adrenal Hormone System– Hormones act as the control system of the body and regulate energy production, fat burning, immunity and mood. Hormonal imbalances are common among people suffering from weight issues, fatigue and depression.

Digestive System-The foundation of good health lies in proper digestive function. Poor digestion results in poor nutrient absorption. This in turn causes an increase in food intolerance and gut infections.

Liver Detox Pathways-The liver filters the blood before the blood flows to the heart. When the body is under stress, the bile duct and liver are unable to drain, creating a build up of toxins which can then affect all body systems through the bloodstream.
Any one of the Three key Body Systems can become imbalanced. That system can in turn stress and cause an imbalance in another system(s). Out of these imbalances symptoms begin to occur.At Davis Advanced Health System, we understand that symptoms and conditions are caused by a underlying imbalance in the Triune of Wellbeing which affects our body‘s systems. We provide a holistic approach with programs that are individualized to a clients specific health needs.
These programs include; Advanced Diagnostic Testing, Supplements, Nutraceuticals and Homeopathic protocols based upon individualized test results, Dietary and Lifestyle Coaching and Detoxification programs.