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The Fertility Formula

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The Better Path to a Healthy Pregnancy

and Becoming Happy Parents



Because it’s not just about getting pregnant…

It’s about supporting your body to be ready for pregnancy

and nurturing the future health of your baby

“I could feel the changes in my body once I started and got pregnant soon after. He continues to be a significant figure in our lives after what he’s done for us.” – Gabrielle F




 We Help Women get Pregnant Naturally,

Have a Healthy Pregnancy and Be a Happy Mom…

without relying on IVF attempts to conceive



The only program that walks you exactly through what you need to do to address all your fertility factors so you can become pregnant naturally.


Work with experts in BioChemistry, Endocrinology, Functional Medicine, Functional Nutritional Therapy, Physical Therapy and Women’s Health.


This Masterclass Is Best For Women Who:

  • Have been unsuccessful after trying to conceive for 3 to 12 months OR MORE
  • ​Want to address the underlying reasons why they have not been able to conceive
  • ​Want to feel more confident they’re on the right track to pregnancy without the need for IVF

Meet the Team


A team who’s sole focus is to help YOU become proud parents for the first time or expand your family.


With over 65 years of experience in Biochemistry, Endocrinology, Functional Medicine, Functional Nutrition Therapy, Physical Therapy and Women’s Health. We are passionate professionals who mission is to help couples Reveal, Understand and Resolve their Fertility stressors, Nurture and Cultivate hormonal balance, and Grow their families.


Our THREE Step Process

REVEAL- Step One

First, we’ll reveal and address any fertility stressors negatively affecting your ability to get pregnant.


Then, personalize a plan to nurture all fertility factors, cultivate hormonal balance, and prepare your body for pregnancy.

GROW- Step Three

Finally, your body systems begin functioning as nature intended, allowing you to grow and sustain the life of your baby.

Hear From Our Patients

Success with Dr Ken Davis’ Advanced Health System


"I was trying to get pregnant for years and it just wasn't working. My doctors had no answers and I was heartbroken thinking it was never going to happen. Finding Dr. D was a true blessing. With his help, I was finally able to get pregnant and have my little girls that makes me smile every time I see her. All I can say is never lose hope, The Fertility Formula Works!"

JanetNever Lose Hope

"It's Incredible what you can discover about yourself and how there is another path other than just standard medicine."

EmilyMy Primary Told Me There Was No Hope

My primary told me there was no hope, but Dr. Davis' program truly saved us."

SuzanneSaved My Dreams

"It was a Godsend! I am so grateful for the Fertility Formula which led me to getting pregnant and holding my healthy baby boy. I wish I had known about the Program earlier, I can only imagine how different my previous pregnancies would have been."

KrisIt was a Godsend!

"Months kept passing by. We started looking into adoption, then actually started IVF...and even proceeded with egg donation which was very expensive, but it didn't work out. This went on for TWO years. I can't explain how I felt when I met Dr. D and he said he could help. And with his help I have my beautiful, healthy daughter!"

GabrielleMy healthy Baby

Check out our Educational Videos

on the following topics:

Inflammation and Fertility

Hormonal Health; Thyroid and Adrenal

Natural Force Healing

Your Future Depends on Your Wellness Actions Today

We Help You Find the Root Cause of Your Symptoms

With Dr Ken Davis , Davis Advanced Health System


The better path to a healthy pregnancy 

and becoming happy parents