Patients Only: The Top 7 Things You Have to Do Now to Ensure Success

By July 30, 2016Inspiration

Why don’t I feel 100% ever ?

We often find practice members underestimate the role stress plays in their health and not returning to health. “But I’ve changed my diet, I’m taking my supplements, I’m even sleeping a little more…Why don’t I feel 100%?” Without addressing stress, some individuals cannot get better.

It could be a stressful relationship, or a work environment, it could be stress you put upon yourself. This is one of the most overlooked areas where lifestyle changes need to be made for health to improve.

There are steps we can take to reduce the stress, perhaps it’s starting the process to look for a new job, cut back, delegate responsibility, or taking a closer look at our relationships. Often it is simplifying and reducing that is necessary. Other situations seem less under our control. However, there are still steps to lessen the effects. Start by looking at lifestyle changes, habitual patterns, where the mind dwells and your thinking patterns.

Why do I still feel sick?

“But I feel so stuck!” Neuroplasticity….Any time we do an action repeatedly the neurons for those actions get refined and strengthened. So think of a child first learning to throw a ball, its awkward, they may stumble, the ball doesn’t go far but with practice it becomes a smooth and fluid movement. This is positive neuroplasticity.

Negative plasticity is when you make pathways that are harmful to you. Now imagine a baseball player throwing the ball, maybe he rotates his shoulder just a little too much and it affects his pitch, if he keeps practicing throwing with that over rotation, and it will become part of his normal pitch. It becomes much harder to break that pattern.

You are what you focus on

It works the same way with our thoughts. People who tend to focus on positive thoughts have more activity in those areas of their brain. Dopamine, a “feel good” transmitter is found to be present in higher quantities. Positive neuroplasticity is taking place and it reinforces their positive outlook. In those that focus on the negative and are frequently in a stress response actually build negative plasticity and reinforce the cycle. More stress hormones will be produced, the focus on the negativity will continue. You will actually make yourself more efficient in thinking negatively and reacting more frequently and quickly with a stress response.

List : The 7 Rituals You Must Do

Take a look at the list below and take a few of the ideas and put them into practice. Practice every day and start getting your head in the “healthy you” game.

  • Wake up each morning and say Thank You. Think of something over the last day or so you are glad happened.
  • Check-in With Yourself. Periodically throughout the day, check in with yourself and evaluate how you are thinking. If you find yourself resonating negatively, or your thoughts aren’t helping you change them. See if you can put a positive spin on the thought or stop and take a positivity challenge.
  • Positive Self-Talk. Rule # 1-. Do not say anything to yourself that you would not say to anyone else. Rule # 2-. Acknowledge every sign of zeal, or positive action or thought you take. Reinforce your positive actions and thoughts.
  • Seek Out Humor- the comics, a sitcom, a funny movie. Give yourself permission to laugh.
  • List Five Things that you are Grateful for right now.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.
  • Positivity Challenge. In whatever you are doing, try to find a positive or beautiful aspect. For example being stuck in traffic, take a moment to look around can you find a bird soaring above the traffic or find a beautiful tree changing into its fall colors.

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