PMS is not normal!

It is a result of hormonal imbalance and can be a signal that something is off with your Endocrine System and maybe a warning sign of infertility issues in the future. Estrogen dominance is often the root cause of many PMS symptoms (cramps, bloating, hot flashes and migraines) as well as irregular cycles, shorter cycles, PCOS and infertility issues.

The luteal phase is the time before your period (when PMS Symptoms occur). Progesterone levels should be high and estrogen levels for the most part low.  Estrogen Dominance is when estrogen levels are higher than they should be relative to the progesterone levels. What disrupts this balance?  Two of the biggest issues are stress and blood sugar dysregulation.  Skipping meals, eating too many sweets, a glass of wine before bed all these disrupt blood sugar balance. The brain sees low blood sugar, either from skipping meals or from a crash after eating a sweet, as a stressor and triggers your adrenal glands to release cortisol, to help raise your blood sugar. If this happens too often it can trigger your body to be in a constant stressed state, flight or fight mode. That is all in addition to what has become the chronically high stressful load we are all experiencing these days. This drastically impacts all our hormones. 1. The precursors for progesterone are the same precursors for the stress hormones. Survival trumps Sex every time for the hormonal system, and less progesterone will be produced. 2. All the extra sugar in your system and the insulin that your body produces to deal with it, interferes with the production of progesterone and can disrupt ovulation. 3. Fat cells produce estrogen. The more sugar you consume as well as the additional stress this creates increases your fat cells and thus your estrogen levels. 

It is within your POWER to bring balance back to your hormonal system. There are natural ways to support your system, to bring it back into harmony and optimal function and rid yourself of your symptoms. Can you see a few simple changes you can start to implement? Call the office today, we can start you on individualized plan to bring balance back to your hormones and help you say goodbye to these symptoms.

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